InstaPro APK Latest Version: Download Now for Advanced Instagram

Instagram is a well known social media platform where millions of people are active on a daily basis. No doubt, the official version of instagram is a good option but there are some drawbacks for normal people. Like people have to watch sponsor advertisements and promotional content. That is why we suggest you install the cracked version of original instagram. Here users can experience key and valuable features of instagram without facing annoying things like ads and other.

If you think Insta pro is a cheated version, you are wrong. Actually, this version offers various special and extraordinary features that are really amazing. Feel free to share different photographs and memorable videos with your friends and audience with one click. Follow your dream models and stay connected with their daily life activities. Besides this, new trends are also started on instagram on the basis of hashtags, just go ahead with them and enjoy new posts.

Salient Features of Insta Pro

Chat Screen Setting:

Besides sharing and uploading pictures and videos, Instagram allows people to chat with each other. However, now users can customize their chat and apply various themes and backgrounds. There are a lot of categories of themes and backgrounds such as nature, love, technology, and animated designs. Besides this, premium chat themes are unlocked in the Insta Pro where you don’t have to pay a single penny. Feel free to adjust the font style and design according to your choice. No doubt, these features look cool and enhance the users instagram experiences.

In-built App Lock:

There is no doubt, everyone wants a safe and secure platform to protect their chats, personal pictures and videos. Did you know the official version of instagram has a poor security system which allows hackers and bad people to approach your personal data occasionally. Oppositely, the patched version has a very strong privacy system that doesn’t allow hackers to access your private information and pictures. Not stopping there, it provides an advanced message encryption feature that can easily encode your messages expertly.

Backup and Restore:

Every instagram user uploads their memorable and important content to save them for lifetime, that is why we have designed a backup and restore option now. Somehow if you lose your private pictures and videos mistakenly, Instapro helps you to restore your data. Your main task is to request instagram officials to restore previous data, it will require username and password to work. Soon your data will get recovered easily.

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Direct Media Download Option:

There are different third party applications which are used to download instagram pictures, reels and videos. No doubt, they require extra storage and also provide risks of data leakage. To save your mobile storage and privacy, Insta Pro Apk Download gives direct download option within instagram. You can easily download everything with a single click and does not require third party applications. Is it not interesting?

Advantages of Insta Pro:

Fully customizable interface and UI system that allows users to change theme, fonts, color and settings.
New UI gestures are added to facilitate users in controlling the instagram features and functions.
You can skip irritating advertisements and experience an ads free interface.
Users can create a backup in this app and restore data after losing.

Disadvantages of Insta Pro:

If you download an APK file from a fake website, it may insert virus or malware items in your device.
There are certain issues in updates like some updates may cause errors in the app.
It isn’t an official instagram version but still offers valuable features for free.

Final Verdict

In this article, we have shared the complete information about the modified features of instagram. You can explore numerous exclusive features like focus mode allows people to blur the background and focus on a certain subject. It allows you to completely customize your photo and post within a few seconds. Last but not least, you can upload up to 10 pictures within one post, surely it saves your precious time.

Important Faqs

Q: Is it legal to download the patched version of instagram?
 Yes, everyone has a free choice whether to download the official version or a modified one.

Q: How much space is required to download this version?
 Only 65 MB of space is needed to download and install this app.

Q: Can I promote my business on Instagram?
 Yeah, it’s quite easy for a business man to launch a new brand by instagram promotion.

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