Enhance Your Gaming Experience with Yandex Games

To spend your spare time in a new way so Yandex Games is the best and perfect plate-form for them. It is a Russian gaming platform for game developers to allow them to launch and promote their new exciting games. Which was launched by yandex the Russian IT company in 2018. Yandex Games provides a wide range and variety of free games for playing such as action games, racing games, fighting games and many more games to enjoy.It provides promotional opportunities for developers, including featuring games on the main page of the Yandex Games catalog with a substantial player base of over 39 million users monthly

Yandex Games expanded its availability to the Middle East and North Africa, offering a diverse range of HTML5 games for developers in the region. Either you are a seasoned player or a casual player Yandex Games give you access to play your favorites and new games. Users can easily explore various gaming categories. The natural design of Yandex Game ensures to entertain their audiences without consideration of their taste.

What makes Yandex better from others? 

In the gaming world, Yandex games are the latest sensation in every aspect because its give unique experiences. Yandex games are designed as a family gaming hub, which is suitable  for all ages either old or young both can play to keep them entertained. It recommends games according to your taste, interests and skill level. Yandex is a game center where you can earn achievements and track your success against other players. Yandexs Games ia an international gaming platform. In fact games are translated into many languages which means its attracts millions of international audiences from other countries. It represents almost 46 counties.

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Famous Games on Yandex Games

Yandex Games Unblocked

Unblock is a classic block puzzle game where players need to clear a path to the exit for the red block. Using the mouse or touching the screen, players drag and drop blocks to clear a path for the red block to exit. The number of moves matter your winning the fewer moves you use to complete a level, the more stars you will get.

Yandex Games Black arrow 

This game is suitable for people of all ages, the game consists of an endless winding route for the passage, in which you have to change the direction of the arrow. The goal of the game is to survive as long as possible. You can play by pressing space or tab on the screen to change the direction.

Yandex Games Dune 

The Sand ball game is a physics game that needs your attention. You need to keep an eye on slopes. The heights and speed help the ball for riding on the mountains and these sand are not simple. When the ball goes higher and jumps, it would be difficult to land. So playing the game will relish the smoother ball jump the smoother land is. To win the game you need to get a higher score and collect as much coin as possible smoothly without crashing on the mountain.

Yandex Games Fnaf

Five night At Freddy’s – The game is the player sits in the office and can monitor the surveillance cameras located throughout the restaurant to observe the movement of animatronics. To successfully pass the night you need to survive from 12 to 6 am repelling the attacks of animatronics. 

5 Interesting facts 

  • Yandexs games support more than 65 languages.
  • More than 30 million players are active on this platform.
  • Yandexs games is about to complete 6 years and in the last 4 years there has been paid out 70 million dollars. 
  • Users are increasing by leap and bound about 1.5 ratio has been increased as compared to last year.
  • According to research the average playtime as per user is more than 55 minutes. 


On which device Yandex Games should access?

Yandex Games is the best platform for gaming, designed for easy accessibility and it’s one of the best features that allows users to easily play games on any device. Either mobile, tablet or computer users can enjoy and easily spend their spare time.

Does Yandex Games support multiplayer gaming?

Yes, Yandex Games allow multiplayer games,  users can experience new online games by connecting with friends or fellow gamers.

Is Yandex Games free or are there any premium or subscription plan?

Yes, There are many games in which you can enjoy a wide range of games without any subscription fees. But there are some games that may offer premium features or subscription plans. Users should check individual game details for specific information for premium games .


Yandex Games is just like a gateway where users can experience new and incredibles games for all ages. It has a vast range of games ,a user-friendly interface and active gaming community which makes this platform more popular worldwide. It provides various types of games. Either users like puzzle games, adventure games, or something completely different. On a daily basis, New games and features are added to keep the excitement alive.

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